Sunday, 8 June 2014

Father's Day Gift Guide 2

It draweth near! And if the last prezzie-packed post didn't inspire you, I thought I'd add a few late entries to our annual Father's Day Gift Guide, many of which can be procured at (reasonably) short notice and at not too high prices.

First, hampers. Spicers of Hythe have been providers of luxury hampers since 1926, and have an extensive range at outstanding prices. Every dad deserves to be spoilt on Father’s Day and a hamper is a great way to do this. They are are available in a variety of sizes at a range of prices to suit various budgets and contain all manner of goodies from fine wines to cheese to whisky and luxury biscuits. There's even a barbecue hamper if the weather's up to it!

Next, something completely different. Why not buy a little dad time and keep the kids entertained, amused and even educated at the same time? Getting the kids (rather than dad) a pressie for Father's Day might seem odd but believe me, as one myself (a dad, that is) I know the value of the Leap Pad for keeping the kids entertained and a whole stack of new releases for these magic mini tablets has just been released. Guaranteed to give a dad some guilt-free 'me' time next Sunday!

Several DVD releases have recently come my way, all of which I can highly recommend, including the topical FORGOTTEN MEN - a unique documentary about the First World War, with footage produced in 1934 before the outbreak of World War Two. Presented by historian Sir John Hammerton, this extremely rare account of the horrors of the First World War combines original footage and pictures taken by official photographers between 1914 1918; intertwined with interviews from a number of ex-Servicemen who describe their own personal experiences whilst fighting on the western front – less than 20 years after WW1 ended.

But if none of the above takes your fancy or if you simply can't decide, take a look at the Voucher Express site. They have an entire section of Father's Day Gift Ideas ranging from iTunes gift cards to a year's supply of M&S dine in for two meals. And if anyone reading this wants to buy me something (*ahem*) I'd settle for one of those.

Just imagine! No cooking - with wine - for one day each week all year.

Now that's what I call Father's Day!

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