Friday, 9 May 2014

ZincSports Chozen White scooter review

Congratulations on getting your little kits on one of our great scooters! says the first line of the owners manual without the slightest hint of understatement.

The 'great scooter' in question is the Zinc Sports Chozen White, one of a range from Zinc, one of the top name in scooters.

The Chozen scooter features anodised aluminium 6061-T6 extruded deck with unique ZINC detailing for ultimate strength to weight and balance. (It is jolly robust - Zinc scooters are tested to withstand 1 TONNE of weight on the deck and handlebar...easily enough to accommodates my rather oversized frame.)

The Chozen also features a Zinc branded threadless headset and is compatible with HIC and standard bars. (I'm afraid I've no idea what that means!) Manufacturers Zero offset one piece wedge forks and a CNC goose neck for extra durability.... which is nice.

And finally, the Chozen has an integrated 4.5" wide x 19.5" long deck. The deck has squared edges making it fingerwhip friendly and it has two grind rails underneath the deck. Innit.

Basically it's a jolly robust, fast, and jolly good fun!

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