Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

I've been sent rather a nice bundle of Hobbit-related goodies including a DVD of the latest instalment of this epic, The Desolation of Smaug. Other items include a pen, some badges, a rather nice magnetic metal display thingumy and one of those woolly noddy-hats that seem to be all the rage at present, particular among the adolescent male.

Now, not really knowing who Smaug is (or was) or being all that interested in his desolation or otherwise I've decided to give the lot away. It was my wife's idea. She said (and I quote) 'why don't you put it on the blog and invite bids - for charity - and then give the lot to the highest bidder?'

Isn't there already a site for that, I said, called eBay?

And, what do you know, there is. And you can list an item and donate the money (or a percentage of it - I've chosen to donate the lot) to a nominated charity.

Next step (I'm sorry if this is all old hat and well known to everyone else - I really didn't know you could do this and am a teeny-weeny bit excited!) is to search eBay's list of charities and see if there's one you like. Or in my case, see if my favourite charity is listed. And guess what? It is.

Yes, Young Minds is there. You may recall that I donated royalties from my novel, Writing Therapy to the aforementioned charity, which has long been a favourite of mine. (I say 'donated' but it ought to be donate - and would be if anyone still wanted to buy a copy of Writing Therapy... hint!)

Anyway, I'm delighted that Young Minds is on eBay and delighted that the proceeds of this sale will go towards the valuable work they do supporting young people with mental health problems and well as educating young people about mental health and to helping drive important changes to adolescent mental health care.

I'm not blind to the potential pitfalls of selling on eBay. Indeed, I've been caught out myself a few times before. (One story, concerning a customer who hadn't received what I had sent - with proof - ended bizarrely with her telling me she couldn't possibly use all the tracking information I'd provided to submit an online search for incoming post with Royal Mail as... she didn't have access to the internet!)

But I digress. Bidding starts at a mere 99p; postage is quite high at £4.99 but if I can do it cheaper, I will.

So if you're a Hobbit fan, here's the listing.

Happy bidding!

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