Wednesday, 23 April 2014

How did one man capture all it is to be human?

Happy 450th to The Bard. The Bard! Not a bard, not any bard, not another bard nor an especially good example of a bard. No. The Bard. The one and only William Shakespeare.

Shakespeare has it all. Shakespeare has what other greats can only call on now and then, but has it all the time. Well, pretty much. I suppose even gods have their off-days.

There's always some debate or other about whether Shakespeare is relevant, whether he should be taught in schools or taught more often. 

As far as I'm concerned you could probably teach most other things through Shakespeare, if you tried. All human life is there... and incidentally, that's just one of the many bits of Shakespeare we all of us say almost every day, probably without realising it. Others (and there are many) include what the dickens, mum's the word, for goodness sake and wild goose chase.

That's how big Shakespeare is.

And he's going to need a pretty big cake too. And a lot of puff. Today's his 450th birthday. 

Happy Birthday, Bard!

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