Thursday, 23 January 2014

On this day...

Hard to believe it's almost a decade since this wonderful medley was what gently roused those of up who had to wake up early and whose radios were tuned to BBC Radio Four from our blissful slumbers.

Starting the station's day with a theme was thought something of an anachronism is the new, streamlined Birt-ian BBC. Now, instead of music, we get 'news briefing' which more often than not is a blatant infringement of Trades Description legislation. Most mornings, at five-thirty (following the Shipping Forecast) we early morning listeners are patronised with a main headline about something that hasn't actually happened yet, a second item about what they think someone might say later on that day and then, in other news, a cheerful list of things that happened 'on this day' several years ago.

Well I was listening this morning. And they didn't report the most momentous, monstrous and malign event to have happened 'one this day', in this case back in 2006. Anyone else lament the passing of this wonderful piece of music?

Let's all write in and demand they bring it back!

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