Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Guesting on the Love All Dads Podcast

You know what they say: one door opens and another… opens too. (Don't they say that?)

Or maybe it's buses - you wait all year for something interesting to come along and then three things happen at once.

The first (and probably progenitor of the other two) was my invitation to The House of Lords a couple of weeks ago, courtesy of the Fatherhood Institute. Next, a little later that same week, came an invitation to cross swords once more with the Daily Mail, this time in the person of Quentin Letts and with Jeremy Vine acting as referee.

Then finally, last week, came a wonderful invitation to spend an evening chatting with a fabulous group of chaps - a couple of whom I've met - via the medium of Skype. It was just like an evening down the pub, really. Except there was no beer. Not here, anyway. And I was alone on my sofa. Oh, and the technical wizard that is John Arnold recorded and edited it all and miracle dictu transformed it into episode 16 of the Love All Dads podcast. The other participants were Tom Diary of the Dad Briggs, OneDad3Girls' Darren, Lewis - DadWhoBlogs and of course John.

It was great craic. Here's the podcast…

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