Sunday, 29 September 2013

Fellowes Powershred 73Ci review

Does 'back to school' time, September, the end of summer and all the misty mellow fruitfulness and such-like inspire you to start having a clear out? No? Just me, then.

But forget spring cleaning. It's always autumn when I feel like aspects of my life need changing. And that includes my filing. Somehow, when the sun is shining, there is so much more to do than filing. Post goes unread; bills unpaid; letters unanswered. But in autumn comes the reckoning and with it the inevitable 'sorting' of various sheets of paper, most of it for shredding.

Did I say shredding? I did. And this year, thanks to the generosity of Fellowes, it won't be the mind-numbing, time-consuming feeding in of a thousand single sheets of paper. Because the new Fellowes Powershred 73Ci will shred up to 12 sheets at a time as well as dealing with your CD-ROMs, credit cards and sundry other items. And don't worry about those pesky staples holding sheaves of paper together 'cos the trusty Fellowes deals with them as well. And paper clips.

There's not a great deal we shred that the Fellowes won't, but in case you've a regular requirement to dispose of, say, hospital x-rays then be warned: it won't. But then, we don't. And I doubt you will too. So it doesn't really matter.

But if, like a friend of mine, you've an urgent need to rid yourself of some god-awful hymn book it would probably do that too (although, please note, I haven't tried it. Although if I had a copy of Missing Praise to hand I might have done...)

Next up, a guest post courtesy of Cineword entitled, appropriately...

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