Thursday, 4 July 2013

Keep your hand on the wheel!

I quite like the school run, most days. We walk, of course (although sometimes it's more of a jog). It's just under the two mile mark there and back but it's about the only exercise I get, so...

There's one stretch, though, along a busy road that is less than pleasant and probably less than healthy. I can just about cope with heavy lorries, tractors, cars, motorbikes and the rest thundering past within a matter on inches of me and my children but, well... I'd prefer it if - when I glance from pavement to road - I could say that they were always giving their task their full attention.

But they're not. It's even easier to see when the traffic slows to a crawl or even, occasionally, a standstill. Mobile phones on laps or pressed to ears or worse - in palms while texts are being read or sent.

Not long ago in Dubai a dramatic fall in road traffic accidents was attributed to a three day interruption to Blackberry's Messenger service. It seems pretty obvious that texting while driving is a dumb thing to do. But even the so-called 'professionals' - taxi drivers, lorry drivers, van drivers etc. - do it. Look...

That's just a small collection from my vast archive of terrifying images, many snapped by me using my mobile phone on the school run.

But then, I can.

Because I'm walking, NOT DRIVING!

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