Friday, 19 July 2013

Are you a hero?

Are you a hero? Most of us are, at least in our children's eyes. And our heroic deeds can sometimes be the smallest, simplest things we do. Like...

...or even - getting breakfast (actually, cooking in general). Charlie's Father's Day last year memorably (and kindly, and possibly exaggeratedly) cited my culinary ability as my greatest quality. Thanks to Charlie I'm a hero in the kitchen!

Aviva is helping us add to the list of heroics by doing perhaps one of the most important things any parent can do - protecting our families and safeguarding their future.

The campaign to get everyone talking about life insurance has been running since Monday and lasts until July 23rd across Twitter, Facebook and certain blogs.

What wouldn't you do to protect your family? Probably nothing. I wouldn't. But protection goes beyond catching them when they fall, snatching them back from the brink of a busy road or dispatching them to the bathroom to wash all the germs of those grubby hands. Providing for them in the event of illness or worse might just be the most heroic thing we ever do.

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