Sunday, 16 June 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Ah, bliss! How was it for you? Every but as good, I hope, as this...

A wonderful, bespoke breakfast (courtesy of McCain) comprising of bacon, egg, mushroom, black pudding and - of course - McCain's Hash Browns. Good start, eh? 

Then what? Well, how about a little light (well, heavy) singing courtesy of the Parish Church Patronal Festival (think Father's Day but for a huge cathedral-sized religious building) followed by a well-earned cider (courtesy of eponymous son) sipped - well, gulped - from a special Henry Weston's glass. And then? Well, we all know dads are just big kids at heart so how better to celebrate Father's Day than by playing with the old toys - or even new toys. Did you know that Matchbox is celebrating its 60th Anniversary this year? They haven't changed a bit, look...

What has changed - just a bit - is Hot Wheels which I remember as being a fun game with fast cars and a run of orange track but which now - courtesy of Hot Wheels Ballistics - fires balls that turn into cars and then then back to balls and generally end up everywhere. 

Nb. at this point I would usually have inserted a short illustrative video of my own but a combination of cider and some really lovely liqueur chocolates courtesy of Hotel Chocolat (it really has been a bumper day) has made my camera work a little shaky. I'm sure you'll a forgive me. After all, it's Father's Day. 

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