Friday, 10 May 2013

The BBC Philharmonic: Old Jack's Boat

I came across this clip on YouTube and - following my post on Staithes and Old Jack's Boat the other week - couldn't resist sharing it. The BBC Philharmonic Orchestra rehearsing and then recording the theme music to this nautical, salty new incarnation of the children's television fifteen minute story slot. In other words, Jackanory. With wet feet. And sea air.

In my callow youth I wrote a letter to the late, great Robert Robinson who'd been rather sniffy (with his Saturday evening 'Stop the Week' chums) about some new Dickens adaptation on TV. My point was valid (he said so himself, in a note back) even if the pomposity of expression wasn't. It was this. Music - so often overlooked, sometimes hardly even noticed - is integral to the success of so many otherwise visual or verbal productions whether as a mood-setting theme or atmosphere-inducing background. Here are the men and women who make it...

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