Sunday, 26 May 2013

Aero 'Perfect Pairing' Blogger Challenge

Take two flavours, they said. Put them together, they told me. Create a new recipe - a flavoursome pairing out of the ordinary - and let us know all about it. 

To celebrate Aero Bubbles being given a bubblicious make-over matching either half-mint or half-orange with their normal bubbly milk chocolate they've asked me (and I quote) to release my own 'weird, wacky and wonderful combinations on the world...'

Well, little did they know that I'm something of an expert having - at the age of thirteen - invented (or so I claim) the cheese and jam sandwich. Actually, for a boy from Yorkshire that's not so strange. There is no combination of (apparently) opposite flavours tastier than a slice of Christmas cake and some Wensleydale cheese. 

So I tried the kids on Cocoa Pops and Kedgeree and experimented with a blend of blueberries and butternut squash but... but... the pièce de résistance has to be my breakfast special banana kippers, surely? Take one kipper (I used a microwave-in-the-bag from M&S variety as it's not only easy but doesn't stick out the kitchen) slice on a banana and add a sprinkling of raisins. 


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