Saturday, 13 April 2013

This week we have been mostly playing...

...LEGO City: Undercover:

This new game for the Nintendo Wii U has been keeping us - *ahem*, Charlie - amused while the weather has been miserable and you can hear from the laughter how much he's been enjoying it. And you can hear from my cries of agony (there aren't any) how much I'm enjoying not stepping on sharp-cornered plastic bricks during this particular phase of LEGO play. But don't despair - the creativity is all still there not least in the multitude of LEGO objects to be built - on screen - as part of the game. But they don't hurt your feet when they're on the telly:

...with boxes:

Yes, cardboard boxes. In complete contrast to the high tech, remote controlled, computer animated action of the above we have been making things out of all sorts of old boxes and some that were supplied especially for the purpose by Fellowes, namely their Bankers Box ('Together we can build anything...') including a rather splendid cardboard wendy house which has provided hours of fun. This is what it should have looked like...

We have been mostly eating...

...this, courtesy of the new Chesil Smokery ('the hottest little smokery in the West').

And at the moment they've offering your first box for just £10 ('delivered, chilled, by 24-hour courier') - amazing value and you can mix-and-match all you like.

In other news I've been testing out a smart new iPhone case (or rather, not being an iPhone5 owner, it's been tested by my father. Yes, he has an iPhone5. Yes, I am jealous). It comes from Pong Research (no, I'm not joking) and - in addition to being a rather smart case - it claims both the reduce radiation exposure and boost mobile phone reception. Not having the qualifications or equipment to test the former (read what it says about how it works on Pong's website) we've taken that as read but in field tests we haven't been able to find any significant difference in signal strength with or without the case.

This is with the case on:

And this is with it off:

Still, it really is a very nice case. And that's not the last you'll be hearing about cases, as - next week - I'll be offering one lucky reader the chance to create a customised iPhone (or Samsung) case of their own. Watch this space!

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