Thursday, 11 April 2013

Guess who's coming to dinner?

A great game to play at dinner parties with friends and family is to imagine who you would invite to your dream dinner.

Assuming that you’re not going to cause any offence by implying that the current roster of guests wouldn’t be invited, that is. Take it in turns to go round the table and ask each person who they would have as their ideal guests for a dinner party. Each guest gets to choose five other people, either living or dead whom they would invite (they can even be fictional if you like - it's your party and your game).

Just as a person's friends reveal a lot about their character, you can learn a lot about someone from the people they would choose to have sitting round their dining table. What, for instance, would you make of someone who invited Napoleon, say, or Winston Churchill? Interest in history, perhaps? Or politics? It might be safer to assume that someone who invited Michael Schumacher or Sterling Moss to dinner would be rather keen on motor sport. And any male guests inviting Brigitte Bardot or Kate Moss are really dreaming.

Who would you have at your dinner party? Sharing a meal is something humans across all cultures have in common. And the inexorable rise of the TV dinner doesn't seem - yet - to have dented sales of dining room tables. The food, clearly, is the main draw. But so is the company. But the fact that - no matter how you know someone, whether from work or a sports club, choir, or  - sitting down to dinner together gives you a chance to really bond and find out what makes people tick. That’s why the dream dinner party game works so well. It's an ideal opportunity to sit down with people you find fascinating and find out more about them.

Of course it’s only a bit of fun - but think about what you want to know about your dream guests and then apply the same logic to your current guests and your dinner party can enter a whole new dimension.

This is a guest post from Sainsbury’s. Thanks to a great range of tables from Sainsbury’s you can always have a great setting for your dinner party, whether it’s a fantasy party or just with regular friends.

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