Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Make a card for Mother's Day

We don't need much encouragement to get crafty (see posts, passim) so when The Forestry Commission got in touch last week asking if we'd like to be inspired to make a woodland themed card well... we certainly weren't stumped (if you'll pardon the inevitable arboreal pun).

A walk in the park, some blank card, a little glue and a lot of messing and, et voila! A handmade card that's a lot of fun and sent with a lot of love. But thats not all because The Forestry Commission also provides a wide range of gifts for all occasions (as well as Mother's Day) such as these flowers which will be accompanying our card.

Job done. Just don't tell mum, yet. Not til Sunday.



  1. That is very possibly the cutest video ever!

    And what a lovely card, I'm sure she'll love it x


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