Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Box...

A little while ago I was contacted by LeapFrog with an invitation to contribute a quick tip for keeping toddlers (and older children) amused at half-term. My post appears on their Facebook page today.

But just in case you think it's based on some high falutin' parenting theory let me show you this - empirical proof, in the form of unequivocal video footage, that kids really do prefer the box to what's inside it. For some of the time, at least...

Ah, the joy of a good, big cardboard box. You can't beat it. It costs nothing.

But the fun is priceless.


  1. Fab video! We have a box that has been going for a while and has served a lot of purposes. The best fun ever! oh and yes I had to go inside too!

    1. Excellent Sabrina! Everyone should spend some time in the box, if only so you can honestly say you're thinking outside it when you clamber out!


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