Sunday, 20 January 2013

Review: Vax Air Mini pet 3

Not for the first time, today's guest post in by Dotterel senior. Before he begins, I should explain that the people over at Vax HQ have, in the course of the past twelve months, sent several of their vacuum cleaners for me to trial. So many, in fact, that as the delivery driver arrived the other day with the latest model he grumbled, 'don't have a lot of luck with these, d'you?'

Well, no. Or yes. Actually, I rather like vacuum-ing  but there's only so much a man can do, so when Dotterel senior offered to try out the latest offering I jumped at the chance. Here's his report:

Those kind people at Vax sent this Air Mini pet 3 at a most appropriate time. I was just wondering how best to clean up all the mess on the stairs and landing after having taken down the Christmas decorations. You know what it's like, with flakes of artificial snow and bits of Tinsel everywhere! 

My normal vacuum cleaner is an upright model (not ideal for staircase use) so I was pleased to try out this small cylinder model that looked just right for the job. I was not wrong as it did prove ideal and I was able to try out all the included tools. These comprise the main large cleaning head, a small power brush, crevice tool, small dusting tool suitable for curtain cleaning and another small brush. The tools enabled me to clean right up to the edge of the staircase and landing and do a really good job. 

My only slight criticism concerns the mini power-brush attachment - it just didn't look right when attached to the end of the hose - it appeared to be set at the wrong angle and as it was flexible the angle couldn't be adjusted. However, I was wrong; appearances can be deceptive and I found that it was set just right for cleaning staircase treads - so one up to Vax. 

Overall I was very impressed and pleased with the results but was left with just one puzzle. Included among the tools was a small plastic holder with a plastic clip that is clearly supposed to be a holder for two of the supplied tools. However, I could find nowhere on the body of the cleaner to clip it, and neither the brief 'getting started' guide (supplied) nor the rather more detailed 'on-line' manual were any help. So if anyone can give me a 'polite' suggestion of where to clip it I would be very pleased.

Thanks, dad. According to the blurb, the Vax Air Mini is '...our most powerful compact multi-cyclonic cylinder yet. Designed in Britain, it’s light and compact with 30% more suction power and 60% more capacity than the average multi-cyclonic cylinder.' And it can be had currently for just £120 direct from the Vax website.

Now all we need is 'polite' suggestions as to where dad can clip his holder.

Answers below...

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