Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Bad news!

Turn off that TV!

Seriously. I don't care if it IS only the news. In fact, the news is the worst. Especially if it's bad. Because there would appear to be a correlation between bad news on the telly and the number of calories we crave. Scientists think there might be an evolutionary reason for it. Not 'eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die' as much as stuff your face while you can, there's trouble ahead.

The full study is entitled Life History Strategy, Food Choice, and Caloric Consumption and you can read it by clicking that link. And I think it's fascinating, partly because I think it might go some way to explain a lot of obesity mysteries, such as last week's contentious report that obesity and poverty and inextricably linked. I'd like to go further than the authors - Juliano Laran and Anthony Salerno of the University of Miami - and postulate that sitting on the sofa watching Jeremy Kyle might make you fatter. But it's go nothing to do with sofa. It's the endless parade of misery-porn that does it.

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