Sunday, 27 January 2013

Site Review: Achica

I've been asked to write a post about Achica - The Members-Only luxury Lifestyle Store - and given a bit of pocket money to spend there too. So what am I going to tell you? That's it's another online store filled with lovelies that you probably didn't know you needed? That it's a great place to browse for present-buying inspiration? That Achica Homeware in particular will have you drooling. Or that it's special offers are a bargain?

Well, I could say that of course because as far as I can tell it's all true but instead I'm going to tell you what I like most about the site, and it's this: the sales.

Yes, sales.

I have a love-hate relationship with sales. Of course I love a bargain (who doesn't) and in the past I've got several through the medium of some judicious sales shopping. But increasingly, when going to 'The Sales' (that is, those in real shops on High Streets) I'm left disappointed and frustrated. There's nothing at all worth buying; worse, the stuff with the magic 'sale' stickers all seems to be sub-standard trash brought in specially for the occasion, rather than the real stuff on the rails that they're normally selling. Besides, negotiating the sales with a pushchair is a nightmare.

What I need is a sale brought to my door, daily, with different stuff all of which is quality worth buying. Which is where the continuous, rolling sales on Achica have the advantage. For a start, they're delivered daily to you inbox. (You sign up so this can happen, but it's free.) Next, if you don't like what's on offer you don't have to worry - like buses, there'll be another one along shortly - tomorrow, to be precise, with a different range of special offers on some top notch stuff. It's like wandering on-line round a top-notch department store and watching the staff put red 'sale' sticker on different items every day. Here's just a moment's cherry-picking from today's selection:
Chasseur French Cast Iron 26Cm Square Grill Pan, Claret £75.00 £37.50

Izziwotnot Bailey Cot Top Changer - Mahogany £79.00 £49.00

See what I mean?

Sign up and see if you can bag yourself a bargain!

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