Friday, 21 December 2012

The end of the world... as we knew it!

Forget obscure Mayan prophesies; forget the apocalypse. Put down those binoculars and stop searching the horizon for four horseman ('you wait an eternity for one horseman of the apocalypse then four turn up at once') and listen to this:

In a matter of, oh... less than an hour the WORLD WILL END. It's happening now, right now, on BBC One. Hundreds of years (well, it seems like it) of this sort of thing... about to vanish from BBC One forever. That's right: no more children's hour (or whatever they call it these days); no more Blue Peter; no more Newsround; no more Cuthbert, Dibble or Grub. (Especially not Grub.) Not on BBC One, anyway No more will the mainstream channels feed the stuff that we parents know backwards. It's over. The end is nigh. It's begun already.

And I, for one, am ever-so-slightly sorry.


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