Thursday, 13 December 2012

It's for yoo-hoo!

My daughter (the older of the two) is guest-posting today. And why not? Some time ago - at about the time she was taking a serious interest in mobile phones and I was getting seriously worried about the potential financial disaster it might spell, Tesco mobile got it touch about their new capped tariff. I wrote about it here. But then, I'm not the 'phone user. She is. So I thought it only fair that she should be allowed her say. Here it is..

5000 texts, 750 minutes and 500 MB data, all for £15.00 a month?  Add a free Blackberry Curve into the mix and you have yourself a bargain! When in comparison with pay monthly tariffs offered by other networks, this fab offer by Tesco Mobile comes out right on top, and Tesco also offer a range of other small touches that really seal the deal! 

One of Tesco Mobile’s bright ideas is the Capped Tariff option that they offer. This free scheme is perfect to prevent the unexpectedly huge phone bill we all dread at the end of the month! Free and easy to activate, the capped tariff reminds you when you are nearing the end of your included allowance, and simply prevents outgoing calls, texts or internet use when the allowance for any of these is used up. However, the Capped Tariff is easy to turn off, and if you find yourself out of allowance with some of the month left to go, simply follow instructions, top up, and keep talking!

Dont know how to finish?????  

Never mind dear, you've done very well. Hasn't she everybody? And so has Tesco. She's happy, I'm happy, we're all happy. If you're launching one of your offspring into the world of mobile phone-owning this Christmas, this contract is well worth considering.


  1. Well done! I may have to poach her Family Panel Tim!

  2. Love that "Don't know how to finish". Happens to me every time. Well done.


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