Sunday, 11 November 2012

We will remember them

And not only the fallen, but the injured, the damaged, the war weary and the battle scarred. We all know Binyon's words even if we know nothing of him or the fact that he wrote them - his poem 'For the Fallen' in 1914, before there was anything like the monumental loss we've come to associate with the Great War. 

Honouring the dead is our duty, of course. They grow in stature, is respect and in the honour and gratitude we increasingly owe. But they 'grow not' old.

But those who survive do age, and age will weary them - all of them - until that 'only end of age' that Philip Larkin writes about. So this Remembrance Sunday let's remember all who have served, continue to serve and will serve - the fallen, the injured and the 'happy' few who remain, but remain with the memory of things we never have to face. 

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