Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Law is an Ass

Not news, I know. But still. In the news. A lot.

And what I can't quite get my head around about it boils down to this - priorities. How can it take fourteen years to extradite Abu Hamza yet a matter of mere cyber-moments to feel the collar of some young arse who posts offensive things on Facebook?

How - on the evidence of my daily walks to school - can you get away with putting lives at risk by blathering or texting on your mobile while driving through a built up area, yet be arrested for being daft enough to go rambling in the nude or for saying silly things on Twitter.

You're more likely to see blue lights in your rear-view mirror over the content of your texts rather than the mere fact of sending them while driving. Or so it seems to me.

And on the subject of priorities, what's a convicted murderer doing at an open prison a matter of a few miles down the road from where I live? (I should stress it's not the proximity to my place of residence that bothers me: it's 'extremely dangerous and predatory' Lee Cyrus (also known as Ivan Leach) being at an open prison in the first place.)

In other Lincolnshire news a man with previous for microwaving a cat was nevertheless given no more than a judicial slap on the wrists for subjecting his girlfriend to some serious harassment. Just hours after having been let off with an eight-week suspended sentence Paul Henry went round to her house and tried to kill her. And how does that square with the teenager a while ago jailed for harassing another girl on Facebook?

Meanwhile Leach/Cyrus is still on the run. Police have today released the latest CCTV pictures of the man described as too dangerous to be approached. The man, nevertheless thought to be suitable for an open prison and the day release from which he absconded.

But don't worry. They're still out there, looking for him. At least, they are when they're not reading your texts or scrolling through your status updates. When they're not spending hours attending court hearings that seem to do more harm than good. And when they're not on the scene of some bloody RTA caused by an idiot on a mobile phone.

Don't have nightmares.


  1. Hey, don't knock it, I'm counting on getting a custodial sentence for wearing an offensive tee-shirt as there'll be no more money to pay pensions. I really don't want to have to bump someone off!!


    1. That's a pretty crafty retirement plan you've dreamt up there, Sarah. Get yourself an Open Prison and you can even go to town (my home town, for example) on day release. That way prison'd be rather like a cheap hotel, don't you think?


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