Thursday, 18 October 2012

The school run

As if walking  along a busy road with a couple of under-fives isn't bad enough, having to negotiate obstacles like this starts to make the whole procedure almost suicidal:

I tweeted British Gas a these pics at the time. They didn't respond. So I thought I'd put them up here for all to see.

In common with a great many other parents that afternoon a couple of weeks ago, I had to detour onto a main road in order to proceed. With two children. That's not something you should expect to do just for the convenience of a gas man who can't be bothered walking a little further with his clobber.

But British Gas aren't the only ones. If it's not cars nosing out of drives as if the pavement they have to cross to reach the road belongs to them it's vehicles very considerately parking on the pavement in order to leave even more room for their friends, the drivers of other cars. Heaven forbid that they should have to slow down or even - horror! - STOP for a moment in order to pass a parked vehicle. No, far better that parents with pushchairs should have to dodge traffic.

And I'd like to say that parents who drive cars understand and park outside the school gates with consideration for other parents and their children. I'd like to say that. But I can't.

Personally, I think all able-bodied drivers should be forced to make every journey of under three miles on foot for one week every year in order to hold on to their driving licenses.

And they should do it in December.
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