Friday, 31 August 2012

Zing Bop!

Well, the hols are almost over. (If you live north of the border, they're already over and you're probably beginning the countdown to Christmas.)

It wasn't much of a summer (weather-wise) but it's worth remembering (especially when the Gradgrinds of the political and educational establishments start talking about abolishing it) that the long summer vac is so good because it gives kids the time and the freedom to just 'be'... and that includes to be bored.

I'm convinced children need a little boredom so they can learn how to entertain themselves. Life isn't a multi-media show and sometimes, some of the best pleasure are the simplest. And here's one of hours: a brief moment, early in the morning at granny's.

And who says telly can't be interactive?


  1. Tee hee...just read your comment preamble...
    Anyway, those are some cute little dancers! Is that your baby girl? Where does the time go, I ask you?

    1. And boredom is the luxury of childhood, or should be. I agree with you about the necessity of a holiday long enough to allow some healthy boredom.

    2. It is, Rebecca... and I don't know is the answer. All I'm certain of is that it's going far too quickly!

  2. Love this: my Girls adore following instructions and joining in with television programmes. And I agree: boredom is crucial. In the words of my mother, it never did me any harm!

    1. Me neither, DG. Made me the man I am today, in fact... and you can take that however you want!


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