Thursday, 19 July 2012

How's your driving?

I'll admit I do get a little exercised by other people's driving. But most of the time it's as a pedestrian, observing the behaviour of the drivers thundering past way over the so-called speed limit as I negotiate the pavement with two toddlers. And it's not only when they're behind the wheel that the buggers irritate me. Why in the name of everything holy do they have to park on the bloody pavement, for goodness' sake? Of course, it's out of consideration for their fellow drivers, making it easy for them to pass without the need to slow down or - worse still - stop completely and wait for someone coming in the opposite direction.

And then there's exiting from a drive or car-park. People, when you do this, you are crossing the PAVEMENT. That little bit before you hit the road is MINE and if I'm on it I have PRIORITY. Just as you wouldn't expect me to stand in the middle of your road holding up the traffic while I wait to continue on my way, I don't expect you to sit in your car across the pavement until such time as there's a gap to pull into.

And finally, people behind the wheel as I walk beside you, why do so many of not own a hands-free kit? And I'm talking to the one-armed bandits driving HGVs in particular here. It's not as if they're that expensive. And compared to the risks your taking - with your livelihood and our lives - it's a pittance.

Oh dear. I've become as ranty as some of the people in this video by who have just done some research into our driving habits. You can take an online test and see how you compare, if you like.

But in the meantime, remember - I'm watching!

What gets your goat as a pedestrian?


  1. Cars that don't indicate to turn when there are no other cars around. They don't seem to realise that pedestrians are interested in where they're going as well!

    And anyone who doesn't stop at a zebra crossing should have to resit their driving test, since they clearly don't know the highway code properly…

  2. cars that park on double or single yellows near schools just because they can't be bothered to find a space and walk a few extra yards. And those who give the lollypop person awful looks because they have stopped the traffic. And yes indicating or lack of (as if its an optional extra on the car) drives me insane.

  3. Everything! I am a certified curmudgeon I swear! The driving in general (IMO) in the US is appalling. No one ever indicates, and although no one would dare park on the pavement (sidewalk) trying to get a wheelchair or buggy around is a nightmare as drivers park their cars right up to the end of intersections meaning that anyone trying to cross a side street has to go back down the street, find a gap between cars that's big enough, and cross where it's more dangerous.
    Mind you, in most American towns and newer cities there are very few pedestrians!

  4. Well, we've had a car for three weeks now, and I am shocked at how bad some people are at driving- we have nearly been bashed into countless times. Ed is a very careful driver, and he gets so frustrated when people just drive like idiots. One guy in a van decided to pull out without looking and Ed was forced to move to the other side of the road to avoid him hitting us on my side. Even when he beeped the horn the guy still kept coming even though we'd been nearly past him when he pulled out.
    The of course we had last week when I was walking back to the car and was hit by a guy reversing. He sprained my wrist so I was lucky. But he admitted that he hadn't been looking when he started to reverse. Even though he'd hit me once hard enough to knock me backwards, he stopped for a split second then hit me again.
    I really hate irresponsible driving, and the other bug bear is people who let their children run in the road when crossing without holding their hands.

  5. I absolutely hate when drivers park on the pavement so far in on a busy road that I can't get through the gap. Is it really safe to have to steer my pushchair with my baby into a busy road to get round your bloody car - NO!


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