Wednesday, 20 June 2012

An open top bus tour of York

The title says it all, really. But I'll add a bit more anyway. Because after all that tabloid tittle tattle it's time for a bit of bracing British air to blow away the cobwebs.

But I digress. I'd never been on an open-top bus tour before (I know, scandalous) and wasn't too sure what to expect. And I suppose if you have no expectations, then you can't be disappointed.

Not that I would have been. This ride was - as I hope the film shows - good fun. We learnt a little bit along the way, thanks to the commentary - multi-lingual and delivered via ear buds provided; we saw plenty from the top deck and had a rather jolly time of it.

If you're ever in York, I can recommend it. And this isn't a sponsored post.



  1. HI Tim - I've embedded your video over on my new blog Thanks!

  2. I have to admit I love open top buses, we are lucky enough to live in the Lakes but when the tourists have gone we often jump on and enjoy the world we live in. The boys are always open mouthed while seeing things they previously missed! x

  3. York's a great place. I'm lucky enough to live very close to it!!

  4. Open top bus tours are great in any city, will definitely go on one if I ever visit York!


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