Thursday, 24 May 2012

Volvo V60 Family Getaway

'Go away for the weekend,' they said. 'Take one of our cars,' they added. 'And not just any car - how about the Volvo V60 D2 SE Lux Powershift? Where do you fancy? York, maybe?' After a moment's deliberation I shrugged and mumbled something vaguely affirmative. After all, someone's got to do it.

And this Sunday that 'someone' could be you!. If you fancy a weekend away courtesy of Volvo then keep an eye on @VolvoCarUK twitter page. From 10am until 6pm this coming Sunday (May 27th) they're running a promoted twitter trend (#V60getaway). As well as giving away family holidays (such as a glamping weekend and a trip to Scotland) there are iPod Touches, Kindles, in-car DVD players and Merlin premium annual passes up for grabs.

But would you want a weekend away in the V60? Is it the family car that it's cracked up to be? I must admit that I had my doubts about the boot...

As anyone with a tiny person knows, once you've packed the necessary kit for the youngest member of the family there's barely room left for a change of underwear for anyone else. At first glance I had my doubts about whether this would even accommodate our pushchair.

As you can see, those doubts were soon alleviated. As were the doubts about fitting in everything else we needed. In short, the boot is deceptively large in spite of not having the depth of our own Toyota Verso.

So, the luggage fits. But do the kids?

Now I know we're probably unusual as a family in having three back-seat passengers, two of whom require child-seats. There was plenty of room for everyone, that wasn't a problem. But the configuration of the seat-belt fittings meant not only that the car seats had to be fitted directly behind each of the two front seats (which is, of course, where you'd want them ideally) but that they sat four-square in the centre of their allotted space, leaving slightly less-than-adequate room for the central passenger.

I suspect if you ask Sally what she thought of the V60's passenger comfort she might demur, slightly. But she's not writing this review. I am. And I was driving. And driving the V60 is a dream.

The automatic we were sent took a little getting used to (I tested the seat-belts several times by stamping on the brake as if it were the clutch) but the smooth, quiet engine and solid road holding meant it felt exactly as you'd want a family car to feel - safe. But it also felt - as you want a car to feel - fun. It handled superbly both on the motorway, in the city and literally up hill and down dale on our Sunday afternoon excursion to Grassington and Burnsall.  We certainly put it through it's paces.

And you can too. Follow the @VolvoCarUK twitter stream this coming Sunday, answer the questions using the #V60getaway hashtag and one of these beauties could be yours for the weekend.

Who says there's no such thing as a free ride?


  1. Hi there, thought I'd give an update! My husband has now since purchased a volvo v70! Thanks x

  2. Hahahaha great post and lots of fun reading your opinion. It seems is not the car to solve my troubles when packing for a trip from Spain to France, all ski gear included...

  3. Volvos really are the best aren't they? We've always bought the saloons from Volvo and have the S60 at the minute, although my husband takes that and I have the dodgy Ford Galaxy. Such a reliable car.


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