Thursday, 19 April 2012

My Family Club - Saving Families Money

I've been asked (yes, this is a sponsored post) to share something with you today. I'm happy to do so because it's good. And it's something we all want (or need) to do: to save money; be thrifty; make whatever we've got go further.

The first thing My Family Club suggested was that I share some of my own money-saving advice. So that's what I've done, in the form of this short video...

Ok, I know I know. Not rocket science, is it? And not all that sophisticated, either. In fact, it makes me realise that I really ought to start doing a little bit more. Which is where the My Family Club website comes in. The site is full (in their own words) of '...the best deals, discounts, freebies, money saving tips and free activities… just for families.'

There's advice from an online team of experts, a weekly newsletter, free ebooks, a savings calculator, time-saving tips and a whole lot more. You don't have to pay a fee - you can sign up for free - and at present when you join there's a chance to win an iPad/iPod bundle of Apple goodness into the bargain. They do charge for something called a Savings Pack which costs £9.95 but claim that 'using it will give you the opportunity to make the cover price back many times over.' That's if you choose to buy it.

Sometimes some of these sites seem too a little too good to be true. But if there's a catch, I've yet to find it. (And if I do find it I'll certainly tell you about it!) It really does look like someone's come up with what is going to be a 'must-read' site for families everywhere. You can browse the articles, read the blog, pick up the tips and see what's on offer and where without even becoming a member. But joining means you access certain 'member's only' benefits (the free ebooks, for example) as well as be in with a chance of winning the Apple goodies. You can even join via the Facebook page if you want to.

Which is what I've just done. Because it's full of just the sort of ideas and inspiration I need. Well, you've seen the video; you know.

And talking of ideas and inspiration, MyFamilyClub is holding a twitter party today to celebrate their launch and to tie in with #thriftythursday. It's between 1-2pm, and the best thrifty tip wins a fruit & veg box.

See you there!


  1. Kept seeing the advert on TV for this and thinking I must go on there, so thanks for the reminder. Looks good :)

  2. Definately the way to go, get reduced prices for coming to end of sell by date. But be warned especially with the multibuys that have ben split up and reduced. You know the ones, buy three for a fiver for example, then the pack gets split and each has an individual original price of say £3.00 and gets reduced to £1.99! Great I hear you say...nope, its more than the original three pack offer. Beware folks supermarkets are starting to cotten on...this is a common practice!
    Otherwise, reduced is the way to go!
    Great post :)

  3. Great tip, Tim. Now... just have to find some room in the freezer.


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