Friday, 6 April 2012

...and something better than the box

Further to the box which has been keeping us amused so far this week (see Tuesday's post if you think I'm referring to some little-known Eric Sykes comedy) I thought today I'd tell you about something else that's been giving us hours of innocent entertainment this holiday. We do buy toys for Charlie, occasionally; we don't always make him play with refuse. But in the case of the LeapFrog Tag we didn't even have to buy it as they sent us one to review.

The best way I can describe the Tag Magic Pen is this: it's like a computer game, only without the computer. Or maybe like your very own, hand held robot teacher, patiently enunciating all the words while gently asking questions and imparting information. The pen reads stories, makes characters speak and brings static pages to life.

You need to download the relevant software, of course (think teacher doing a lesson plan) as well as get a special book - or in our case, map. There's an impressive range available from classics such as Paddington Bear and Cat in the Hat, to contemporary characters like Ben 10, Dora the Explorer, Scooby Doo and a whole lot more.

As well as books there are interactive displays like the Tag World Map they sent to Charlie (appropriately enough with a mum who's a geography teacher and a dad who's the author of a couple of geography text books). And you can see for yourself what he thinks both of the map and the sample book in this short video.

I think you'll agree we might just have found something more interesting to play with than a cardboard box!

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