Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday supplement

A week today and it'll be 'you-know-what'. You don't know what? Then let me tell you, but I'll have to whisper because this post is all about what you can buy the mum who wants nothing but deserves everything - your mum, in other words. So don't let her see it!

I've been trying out a couple of online photo services lately, and if you're quick - i.e. get your order in today - I'm told that there might still be time to get something for Mother's Day. And what better gift than a family portrait? We had a photoshoot earlier in the year (my mum's Christmas present) and using Bonusprint I've ordered a canvas print of one of the shots for next Sunday. I'm impressed with the quality: the colours are true and in spite of enlargement the picture remains pin sharp. If I had one small complaint it's that the website isn't the easiest to work with. Ordering the canvas without (apparently) selecting a ‘crop’ option proved less than straightforward, although I'd been spoilt (perhaps) by the Albelli site which is certainly the easiest to work with.

For a start, you download some dedicated software so you can fiddle 'off-line' and get things just right before you upload your order. This is especially useful when (as I did) you're creating a photo book. There's a range of sizes and templates and again the quality is excellent.

I've never ordered a product like this before. In the past I've selected the photos I've wanted and had them printed at Boots or at a supermarket before putting them into my own album. But there are always those pics you wish you could crop or adjust; those that you print because of just one feature and the big advantage of making your own photobook is that by using frames and having more than one photo per page you can get just the effect you want.

Of course, you could always 'forget the flowers and chocolates' and buy mum a truly life-saving gift. UNICEF is offering a range of gifts that will help a mum on the other side of the world to save
the life of her hungry child. A nutritional UNICEF Inspired gift delivers life-saving supplies to the children who need it most, cost as little as £12, and can be accompanied by a personalised greetings card.

Finally, we know that mums love Morrison's (and so does this dad!) and I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of MFest last Friday. Tickets are now on sale for the two-day festival of music and food which includes such luminaries as The Human League, Texas and Matt Cardle as well as demos by celebrity chef Aldo Zilli. Going to work at Morrison's HQ on Friday involved leaving your desk and being granted a sneak preview of performances by Paul Heaton (Housemartins, Beautiful South) and The Jam - or what's left of it minus Paul Weller. And what's left of it is pretty good on this evidence. If you couldn't go to work for Morrison's on Friday, here's what you were missing. And maybe mum might like a ticket for the real thing...

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