Friday, 2 March 2012

Nature v nurture

Remember this - my review of Don Giovanni? We had such a wonderful night at the opera we bought the DVD.

Little did we know who'd be asking to watch it - and one scene in particular - the most.

It seems we might, inadvertently, have spawned an opera buff. Or even potential opera singer. Certainly, performer. Which really begs the ancient question - is it nature or is it nurture?


  1. Very cute, perhaps it is a bit of both!

  2. Nurture. That is the only excuse I can come up with for why, as a 34 year old, I still like Country & Western music, since I was bombarded with it as a child *shakes fist at parents*

  3. Oh this is fabulous! Such a stern expression on his face. Get that boy signed up.

    Not sure if nature or nurture. I have to say my son doesn't go round the house singing 'Oh What a Beautiful Morning' ;-)

  4. Bit of both, but you don't become an opera buff without some nurture!! Remember, my dauther loves that "Raid of the Vikings" by Wagner!


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