Wednesday, 4 January 2012

One Born Every Minute

A little over a year ago - weeks before the birth of Eloise - we were contacted by the producers of this Channel Four series and asked if we'd like to take part. They were looking for couples with a baby due before or after Christmas and we certainly fitted the bill. The series followed couples as they prepared for the big day right up to the birth itself and made for fascinating viewing. We declined the invitation to take part ourselves, which was probably just as well as in the event things moved so quickly that I doubt even the swiftest camera crew could have got anywhere near the hospital in time. We nearly didn't make it and my wife barely got her trousers off!

There's a new series of One Born Every Minute starting this tonight and it promises to be every bit as good as the first. This year they're looking to recruit bloggers to add their personal stories and you can find details of how to get involved over on the Netmums blog.

Tonight's first episode is all about dads - a subject clearly very close to my own heart - and follows the progress of two dads-to-be as they prepare for their new arrival. Future episodes include one on pain and another on women who 'break the rules'. The series is on Wednesday nights at 9pm on Channel 4 and available to watch online at

In the event, of course, we made it. All was well. And this was the result. A little girl in something of a hurry!

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