Sunday, 18 December 2011

Philips Airfryer Review

And talking of food (as I was, here) let me tell you about this - the Philips Airfryer healthy frying machine.

Using 80% less fat this little beauty will create the perfect chips in just twelve minutes. But there's more to it than chips. You can make all sorts in it, from home-made fish-cakes to puff-pastry mincemeat parcels. And I have. I'll post pictures and recipes shortly.

But first, chips. (Or if you prefer, as it's Sunday, roast potatoes - only the shape need change.)

First stage, of course, is make your chips. That's easy enough. You don't need a picture for that, do you? Ok then, they look like this:

Ok then, once you've done that, simply add half a tablespoon of oil and get your hands in the bowl and mix.

Next, set the temperature and time.

And in just twelve minutes (depending on quantity) using the patented Rapid Air technology (think very hot hair-dryer) you've got what Philips claim are the 'tastiest chips containing 80% less fat.' And you've got them at a fraction of the cost (with a fraction of the fat and none of the salt) of bought ones. Ok, it takes a little bit of time. But not much - minutes, really. Time well spent to have your chips and stay healthy!

Using my new favourite price-comparison site you can get one of these for as little as £120. The perfect Christmas gift for your chip-loving loved ones!

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