Wednesday, 2 November 2011

More on our feathered friends

So, how did you get do on Feed the Birds Day last Saturday? Attract plenty, did you? Even encourage the odd rarity (and I'm not talking about Bill Oddie)?

Well I hope so. And I hope you'll continue to do so too. Feed them, that is. The birds. Because, let's face it, they have a pretty rough time of it, don't they? All that living in trees (I know, I know, they don't all live in trees) all year long, scrambling about for scraps, avoiding cats and singing their little hearts out every spring. I know that glorious song translates as something rather threatening (hey, this is my patch - gerrof!) but it's so beautiful to hear. Personally, I'm always rather bereft when - in late July - that early morning musical medley ceases for the best part of another year.

Anyway, if you did make your bird feeder at the weekend, don't forget to keep it topped up. And, well - you never know, from small acorns and all that - you might just find you've given your kids a taste for ornithology. And if you have you'll probably need to expand your wildlife repertory pretty soon and start encouraging all manner of other creatures.

In which case, this video is for you. It's sponsored by Jordans and contains ten tips for creating the perfect homes for wildlife in your own back garden. It's so easy; but so important. And for children, it's so utterly fascinating.

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