Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Win, win, win... (an LG Optimus 3D as well as heaps of Lego and a whole lot more)

Competitions. They're a bit like buses. You wait ages for a decent one then three come along at once. First up, to celebrate the launch of Tesco Mobile’s new capped contracts (an innovative new way to help families manage their monthly mobile spend) I'm giving away a smart new one of these:

Yes, an LG Optimus 3D complete with bright 4.3” WVGA screen, 8GB internal memory and the ability to upload videos directly to YouTube’s dedicated 3D channel. 

The new Tesco Mobile tariffs allow you to take full control of spending and eliminate the chance of any nasty bill surprises. Great, as they say, for kids who want a 'phone and parents who want to keep control of the  bill. And in keeping with the theme, they'd like you to enter by sharing your own tips or memories. Leave a comment before midnight on Friday and the 'phone could be yours. Or your offspring's. You decide. Possibly. Anyway, to enter tell me either:  

Which money saving tip would you hand down to your kids?
The best money-saving lesson you learned growing up.

Next, it's Lego Duplo time. Did you know that as of Monday 17th of October if you spend £30 on LEGO DUPLO at Toys R Us you receive a free DUPLO cuddly bear worth £10? No, neither did I. But to celebrate, LEGO DUPLO are offering a whole heap of DUPLO goodies to give away to the LEGO DUPLO Experts (that's me) blog readers (you). Here’s what you could win:

First Prize (2 winners will each get:)
 Second Prize (3 lucky winners will each receive:)
Third Prize (10 winners will get:)

Oh my. And all you have to do for this is send an email to with 'Bringing up Charlie' in the subject line and your full name and postal address in the email itself. This one closes on November 6th so you've plenty of time to get those emails going.

Finally, and with Halloween approaching, Innocent are inviting you to get creative with the veg and make your very own monster. Here's ours. He's called 'Slimy' (thanks to Charlie...)

And Innocent are inviting you to make a monster too. All you have to do is...

1) Make your fruity freak or vegetable monster from the spookiest looking fruit or veg you can find.
2) Take a picture of your creation and post it in their Halloween gallery - and email - along with your flickr name and a postal address.

The first 1,000 entries win a set of limited edition glow-in-the-dark Halloween 0-9 number magnets. And of course, when you're done you can use any leftover veg to make a soup or whizz any fruit up into a smoothie.

What more can I say than, 'good luck!'


  1. Wow - 3 competitions in one blog post! I like it ;-) could do with a new phone, too!

  2. The best money saving lesson I learnt when I was growing up, was that money means so much more when you've earnt it yourself. From quite a young age I was given money for doing chores, 50p for putting the ironing away, 20p for doing the dishes, etc. it helped me to understand the value of money and helped me to appreciate whatever I bought with my money, because I had worked hard to get it.

  3. The only money saving lesson I needed to learn came from a grandfather. In his broad Yorkshire tone he taught me,

    "You don't get ought for nought, unless you do it for t'is 'en."

    Which roughly translated means,

    You get nothing for free, unless you do it for yourself.

    Lesson over!


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