Sunday, 9 October 2011

Shadows of a Stranger

You know how it is when you meet someone famous and only afterwards remember all the things you should've told them. Like Mr Hasselhoff, I'm in *ahem* the movies myself as it happens. Oh yes, we could've swapped luvvie anecdotes; compared notes on our producers; moaned about the size of our respective trailers.

Or not, in my case. Because my first (and probably last) foray into the world of the moving kinematograph is limited to being a lowly chorus member on the backing track for the excellent, up-coming Indie thriller Shadows of a Stranger. Ok, so it's not Baywatch; and no, Mr Hasselhoff, my singing didn't reunify Germany. But it might send a few shivers down the odd spine... intentionally, this time. Here's a video diary by the producers including clips of the recording. If you look very carefully you might see your humble correspondent. But I wouldn't bother. The sopranos are much prettier...

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