Thursday, 27 October 2011

A Man's Game

Rugby, that is. (I never did - or will - quite get the attraction of Association Football, or soccer or Bafta-award winning over-inflated salary drawing so-called 'entertainment'. I realise I must be at fault in this. But I'm firmly of the opinion that - whilst you can watch a game of rugby as a neutral and be highly entertained - with soccer you need to be a passionate follower of one side or another for the whole things to work. And I'm not. So it doesn't.)

Anyway, now that the excitement of the Rugby World Cup is over, there's a chance to catch some top notch international rugby for free if you've a mind to. Ok, so it's the other code (league) but who cares about that when you've the chance to win two VIP complimentary corporate hospitality tickets to the Wales v New Zealand and England v Australia double header at Wembley Stadium on Saturday 5th November 2011? The prize includes a Champagne Reception, Executive Match Tickets, a Souvenir Programme and Souvenir Gift plus the imparted wisdom of the Guest Speakers. There's also a buffet provided, with both wine and coffee.

To enter, all you have to do is 'like' the Lighter Life Facebook page and submit your name and email. It could not be easier. Unlike the game itself. Which could not be harder. I mean, would you fancy facing this lot in a fortnight's time? Me neither...

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