Sunday, 2 October 2011

Don't Hassle The Hoff

So there I am, minding my own business yesterday morning waiting for my train home from The Mads Awards to move. A few minutes before the scheduled departure a tall American boards and begins scrutinising the seat reservations. His young companion quickly discovers her seat is opposite mine and the by now familiar looking American settles down beside her. I text Sarah, just to let her know I'm on the train; I'm on my way home. And sitting opposite David Hasselhoff.

Being English, I say nothing and carry on reading the 'paper. Being American, Mr Hasselhoff starts a conversation. With me. And during the course of the journey from King's Cross we talked about my specs (he liked 'em, wanted some the same!), train travel versus planes, his recent marriage proposal, his South African holiday (he even showed me the pics on his lap-top: 'here's me with the cheetah'), the Knight Rider convention he was attending, the panto he's doing and all manner of other things.

The lovely Hayley - his 'daughter' as he introduced her to me, tongue-in-cheek - and I discussed the Rugby World Cup among other topics and she'll be up this morning watching her beloved Wales take on Fiji. And before I left the train David's nephew, Nick, had organised photos and autographs for Sally and Charlie.

I alighted at Grantham feeling rather dazed, like I'd woken from a rather odd but pleasant dream. So I checked my 'phone. And there were the pics...

Nice guy, the Hoff. And he doesn't mind a bit of hassle.

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