Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sarah-Jane Honeywell and me - the truth!

Imagine my excitement. Me and Sarah-Jane Honeywell in the same room! Well, film set. In my head I turned over any number of scenarios - maybe she'd invite me to her trailer? We could discuss the subtle nuances of Higgledy House together! At the very least she might agree to sign my Mr Tumble bedspread or pose for a picture between takes?

Well, no. It turns out that she 'wrapped' (*cough* as we in the film industry like to say) sometime last year. In fact all the filming has long since finished and the sets dismantled. Well, I say 'sets' (yes s-e-T-s!) but in fact there was only one. Because the epic venture has been shot entirely using blue-screen technology, which cleverly means the actors can be anywhere the computer wants them to be.

Except they aren't. They're at home in bed or treading the boards of a theatre somewhere or - in Sarah-Jane's case - probably filming another episode of Mighty Mites or having a tattoo or posing for another sexy photo shoot. Meanwhile we are busily occupied in what is described as 'post production'. Which in my case means warbling a bit as fifth bass from the left in the choir recording the sound-track. Well, the recording's next week; last night was the rehearsal. But as the music hall song might have said, at least I got to 'speak with a man/who's directing a film/that features Miss Sarah-Jane.'

For the record it also stars Colin 'Dr Who' Baker, Rainbow's Bungle (or the actor who inhabited the costume) and - from the same show - Jane (as in Rod, Jane and Freddie). You can find out more about the film on the Shadows of a Stranger website. Or you can read their blog or even follow them on Twitter. It won't be out until next year, but it'll be worth the wait - a spooky twentieth-first century mystery based loosely on Dicken's 'A Christmas Carol'.

Starring Sarah-Jane 'Tikkabilla' Honeywell.

And me (*cough*)

Autographs later.

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