Friday, 30 September 2011


You know that chap whose radio show I was briefly on last Monday? You do - I was 400 miles away in Scotland (in a castle, dontcha know!) and still they found me. Anyway, he's even further away this morning - 1000 kilometres to be precise - in Neustadt, Germany and he's cycling home. Yes, cycling. That's some commute. You can follow the epic cycle ride by having a look at his twitter stream (@rodwhiting) or that of his colleague @yellowbellyLou. Of course, it's all in a good cause - in this case, Children in Need. And if you'd like to, you can donate here.

Talking of Children in Need there are still some copies of the charity anthology Tiny Acorns available - and at the bargain-basement price of just £5.99 including P&P! Not only does it contain top-notch writing by a variety of new and established authors, but the entire creative writing course that in many cases inspired them. And talking of writing, my very good blogging friend Mark Charlton has asked me to tell you about his forthcoming writing class in North Wales, including expert tuition in blogging. You can find out more about that right here.

Anyway, good luck to Rod Whiting and the team on their cycle ride.

They've certainly got the weather for it.

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