Sunday, 18 September 2011

100 not out

I was disappointed not to be able to attend yesterday's seminar at Save the Children's London HQ. The work they've done and continue to do deserves all the help it can get, so I'm delighted to be able to do my bit thanks to Michelle's challenge. It's simple. I won't repeat what you can already read on her post but whether you've been tagged or not please spare thirty seconds to sign the petition. Children are dying needlessly because of a lack of #healthworkers and Save the Children are currently campaigning to bring an end to this crisis. They're aiming to have 60,000 signatures on their petition by Tuesday, when it'll be delivered at the UN General Assembly meeting in New York.

They're also trying to create a buzz by asking 100 people to write 100 words about a health professional they've encountered. In my case, that's easy. We're fortunate to have a wonderful maternity unit almost on our doorstep, and when I hear some of the horror stories from others I know how lucky we are. Some years ago ago a lovely midwife called Rowena safely ushered my eldest daughter into the world. A decade later Charlie was born under the watchful eye of the same calmly efficient and caring woman. We were almost hoping to make it a the hat-trick with Eloise, but busy midwives need their time off too - and the care we received was no less attentive. And we tend to take it for granted. And take notice only when it doesn't come up to scratch in some way. So I'm glad to have the chance to acknowledge it, and at the same time help raise awareness of the desperate need for for #healthworkers in other parts of the world.

So now, it's over to you. Will you sign the petition? Will you write a post and help raise awareness? I'm not going to tag anyone specifically, but it'd be wonderful if - by Tuesday - we could score that century. The cricket season might've finished yesterday (and congrats to Surrey on their victory) but we could all raise our bats aloft and take some well-earned applause if we're successful.

So get padded up. You're in next!

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