Friday, 19 August 2011

That's the way to do it! Lego Duplo Cars review

So, further to my last post about the PR disaster that was the offer-that-wasn't-an-offer, here's another PR-inspired post, this time courtesy of Kerry Jean Lister and the Digital Outlook team. This is how it should be done. You're asked about something, agree to do it, they deliver and - even better - have a perfectly clear idea of what they want in return. Believe it or not I've had some things out-of-the-blue without so much as a follow-up email, still less a clear idea of what's required by way of a review. (Needless to say, there isn't one!) But not only do we return from holiday with a rather nice (and large) parcel to collect from the sorting office, we have this - a clear list of questions they want answering about the product.

Q: Did your children enjoy playing with the Cars 2 range?

A: absolutely! He's rarely played with anything else since opening them. And - unlike many toys - he wasn't the least bit interested in the boxes. If that doesn't say something about the contents, I don't know what does.

Q: Role play – do you believe the Cars 2 products encourage role play?

A: If inhabiting the character of the various cars counts, then most definitely. But as with any Lego product, the great thing about it is the opportunity it affords for flexible, creative play. Yes, we've made the things as per the instructions, but we've also made our own variations on a theme - which in Charlie's case has included separating all car from chassis and 'role-playing' car mechanics.

Q: Quality – do you notice the quality of the LEGO DUPLO Cars 2 product and would you say it was built to last?

A: If anything's robust enough to withstand three or four days of Charlie, it's built to last. The Lego Duplo Cars have survived!

Q: Interchangeable with Lego – have you noticed that Duplo fits Lego perfectly? Do you think this is of benefit as children get older?

A: Very much so. And as already stated, we've added to the mix and made some, er... 'unique' structures of our own by utilising this very flexibility.

So, all-in-all everybody's happy. I'm pleased with a pitch-perfect model of a PR campaign (always happy to help!) and Charlie's more-than-happy with some new toys...

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