Thursday, 11 August 2011

Guest post: the inspirational Kerry Painter

Most of us like a moan, especially on the parent-feed of Twitter: lack of sleep, lack of time, lack of money, lack of energy - you name it, it's there daily, in prodigious quantities. So it's inspiring to hear of someone who has struggled against genuine odds. I've been a Twitter friend of Kerry for several years and I was delighted when she agreed to be this morning's guest blogger. She writes...

"Hi folks.  Firstly, before I get started on my ramblings, I'd just like to say a big Thanks to Tim Atkinson here.  This is my first guest blog post and I hope that this will be the start of many.  To be honest, he's made the task of writing this post pretty darned simple really.  He just wants me to tell you about me so here goes.

"I'm Kerry Painter.  I live in Blackpool and I'm a single mum to gorgeous daughter Madison.  She's 7 and probably my main reason for taking the hard route to success. :-)  No big deal you might say.  There are lots of single mums out there and lots of dads who bring their kids up from home for whatever reason too and you would, of course be absolutely right.

"However, As well as being a single mum, I'm a home-based business owner/mentor and I’m also blind.  Now you think I’m amazing right?

"My one and only job I had before I had Madison and I loved it.  I helped people with disabilities access computers and I loved seeing the absolute infinite amount of things they did with the knowledge I gave them.  I remember one such guy who was a headmaster at a school and was told that he would have to learn to touch type which just wasn’t possible given his time constraints.  Last I heard, he was writing a book and that was all because I helped him learn how to use voice recognition software which meant he could simply dictate his thoughts into his computer….no keyboard skills required.

"However, I am a mum first and foremost and it was through the internet that I was able to start and grow my own home-based business and help others do the same.  I’ve actually only really been seriously marketing online since the beginning of this year but it took me 6 years to finally find what it was that was missing for me and I love it.  My daughter gets to have me all to herself and I have been there for her first steps, first tooth and I’ve never missed a dance show or competition yet.

"Parenting isn’t easy whether you’re parenting with your partner or on your own and being blind and having a child has its added difficulties too but I think it has its advantages.  Despite the question that I get at least once a day from strangers “Does Your Daughter Help look after you?” actually, no.  We look after each other.  I’m still the mum regardless of what people might think but Madison is learning some of the best lessons that life can teach her…those which aren’t often taught at school such as working as a team, knowing that others who you may see as different, are successful both in life and in their chosen careers and I’d also lay money on the fact that my child will grow up to be an amazing person who understands others and doesn’t shy away from differences.

"I am extremely proud of everything I’ve accomplished but my main message here is that you get one shot with your kids and it is absolutely possible to have an income without sacrificing time with your kids.  I’m sure I haven’t covered half the questions this article may bring up for you so if you have any, whether it be about parenting, disabilities, home business issues, just contact Tim and he’ll doubtless pass the information on to me and I promise you will get a reply."

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