Monday, 4 July 2011

Take the vow... say 'I do'.

No, not to your intended. Or anyone else's for that matter. No. Take 'the vow' here to add your support to the charity Plan UK's Because I Am a Girl campaign. They're asking everyone to sign as part of the campaign to end early and enforced marriage. 

Plan UK works to help realise children’s rights across a range of sectors including education, health, child protection, child participation, economic security and water and sanitation and Because I am a Girl is their global campaign in support of girls’ education. The campaign aims to ensure millions more girls in the world’s poorest countries can access a quality education. And one way is by working to bring an end to early and enforced marriage.

It's simple enough for us. We have a choice. They - that is, the millions of young girls married young, against their will - haven't and it's estimated that one girl is married off every three-and-a-half seconds worldwide. The Guardian published an article about the practice (10 million child brides each year) last week and the #TakeTheVow campaign has just been launched to encourage everyone to add their voice to the growing number of calls for justice and fairness. 

After all, it's no more than we'd expect for out own daughters.

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