Saturday, 2 July 2011

iPad v EEE Pad... celebrity guest blogger

My dad's the original silver surfer. More, he's so tech-savvy that - in a complete reversal of the generational norm - I ask him for PC advice rather than the other way round. Dotterel senior is also a dedicated Mac Man - although he has dipped a tentative toe in the Android market recently. Anyway, he's been keen to do a like-for-like comparison of the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer I've been sent to try out, and here is his report:

I have been an iPad 1 user since they first became available in the UK so I welcomed the opportunity to try Tim's Asus Eepad Transformer as I had been wanting to try an Android pad just to compare the two Systems. I must say I was impressed, the screen on the Transformer was just as bright and responsive as that on the iPad and the device felt solid and well built although it was a little on the heavy side.

The Eee Pad's cameras - front and back - are infinitely superior to those on the iPad2 and produced excellent quality HD video. That said, I am not quite sure why anyone would want to shoot anything other than very short video clips with a device of that size and weight.

Another big plus point for the Transformer is the docking keypad that is available as an optional extra. This facilitates a much better typing experience than the on screen keypad and, because of its built in battery, almost doubles the life of the Transformer's own power supply and virtually "transforms" it into a superior form of Netbook.

Whilst there are a lot of very good Apps available from the Android market I feel that this is the area in which the iPad still holds sway. I have a lot of iPad apps and that fact, together with the upcoming release of Apple's exciting iCloud service will keep me hooked to the iPad for some time to come.

So there you have it. In terms of technology it's the equal - and in some respects (like the camera) superior to the iPad. But the Android market is clunky and needs some sorting out. And that's a verdict I can certainly endorse. Having been used to Apple's AppStore and it's user-friendly and intuitive interface, the Android equivalent leaves a lot to be desired. It tries, bless it. Oh dear me yes, it tries. Like an eager and helpful young pup asked to fetch me my slippers (but instead dropping at my feet a pair of half-chewed kippers) the Android Market took me to the King James Bible when I asked it for the 'Kindle' app and seems to think a Korean version of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' might appeal to me if I'm searching for social media applications.

Oh dear. Still, it makes for some interesting discoveries. I mean, who knew there was an App to 'helpfully track your babies eating, sleeping and pooping activities.'?  I'd never have known if I hadn't been searching for something to help with my accounts.

It's called 'Baby ESP' in case you want to know.

A snip at $4.99.

This is not a sponsored post. Well, not by the people who make Baby ESP, anyway.

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