Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sunday Supplement: Lovely Lego

Well, Duplo to be precise. Charlie was sent this as part of our on-going Lego Duplo partnership and one of the questions they asked us to consider was the value of it from an educational perspective – specifically, would we say that Lego Duplo encourages educational play for pre-schoolers?

Well, I could write several posts about the creativity it encourages, the logical thinking it requires, the understanding of causes and consequences it develops as well as a host of other educational attributes. But this latest set came with letters of the alphabet on twenty-six of the blocks. And playing with letters - whether they be magnetic shapes on the fridge door or smart plastic building blocks like these - is a favourite game at the moment. So I thought I'd show, rather than tell you, of this particular aspect of Duplo's educational value. Here's what happened.

Elsewhere this week - having just taken the first tentative steps at weaning Eloise - Philips AVENT have sent what I can confidently predict will soon become our best-loved kitchen gadget. Well, 'gadget' is selling it far too short really, because the new combined steamer/blender is one of those dream products that you can only imagine someone making when you're struggling to steam, then blend and/or puree food for consumption by a hungry baby. I know; I did when I was sometimes struggling to keep up with Charlie's growing appetite! Well, dreams sometimes do come true and here's the proof:
And finally, on the subject of food, a copy of the eponymous book of Nick Coffer's excellent blog My Daddy Cooks arrived this week, stuffed full of so many straightforward yet mouthwatering recipes I can't wait to get the pages spattered with some of the ingredients as Charlie and I try them out.

If I'm honest, I've had a bit of an easy ride in the kitchen for the last few months. With Sarah still on maternity leave and enjoying some time in the kitchen, my culinary prowess has been put out to grass. But the honeymoon will soon be over; Sarah is returning to work and I'll be resuming my duties in the kitchen. This time - inspired by Nick's book - I'm planning on doing so with the help of Charlie. If Archie can so ably help Nick I don't see why Charlie can't be trained to act as sous to me when I resume my role as chef de cuisine. Watch this space! Because I'm going to take a leaf out of Nick's book (though not literally) and post a video review of one of his recipes. Mind you, I'll have to persuade Charlie to turn off the ASUS Transformer first.

Because the combination of Thunderbirds and easy, touch-screen technology is proving hard to resist for him at the moment. In fact, I have to tempt him away with some Lego Duplo just to have a go on the Eee Pad myself!

Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. Lovely Lego! We're a big Lego family in my house - I can't sing my praises of the stuff high enough.

  2. Funnily enough Steve I was never a big fan myself as a child. But I'm beginning to see the error of my ways...

  3. If it isn't lego, I need not bother. I'm always amazed at what my son makes once he has made and then deconstructed the latest item.

  4. So, what do you think Legend? Is Lego getting more sophisticated, or is it our children. I swear Charlie was trying to make a replica Enigma code-breaker out of Lego this afternoon...

  5. Dotts I have not been able to comment on your posts for weeks, but it looks like I am now back in action, phew! Love the look of that avent thingmagig....if only I was planning more babies. My husband will tell you we are, I will tell you we are not!!

  6. Well I'm sorry to hear that Polly. What seemed to be the problem? Anyway, glad to have you back now and don't be put off - the thingmagig is good for more than baby food. Smoothies, anyone?


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