Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Mumsnet Rules

So, who's rules do you follow? Gina Ford? Miriam Stoppard? Dr Spock? Sometimes, the trouble with the 'manuals' is they've all got an agenda. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a simple book of tips and hints without the ideological agenda? Well, perhaps there is.

The Mumsnet Rules is the book parents everywhere have been crying out for - provocative, funny, indispensable, inimitable, and a triumph of commonsense over hysteria. It draws on the collective wisdom of parents on the message boards of mumsnet.com and is based on the assumption that if thousands of parents have found a piece of advice to be helpful then you can be pretty sure it’s worth knowing.  From tantrums to teenagers, parasites to parties, competitive parenting to choosing the right school.

Davina McCall says: 'This book is full of non-judgmental golden nuggets to empower us to be better at the same time as making us smile ... a lot'

To find out more about the book and to read an extract, check out the website.

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