Thursday, 23 June 2011

The A-Z of McDonald's

It's pretty exhausting, running an on-line festival. The #FathersDay #Fatherhood festival was a great success. And now all prizes allocated and many already on their way to the lucky winners,, it's time for me to take a little rest. There'll be news of a competition to win tickets to the Latitude Festival on Saturday. And I'm at #Cybermummy this weekend signing copies of my books, so I might see you there. But I won't be posting properly again until next week. Daily posting has deprived me of something. Oh yes, I remember - inspiration.

But wait. There is a little unfinished business. The final draw, the big prize, the highlight of the week needs winners. And they are...

  • Jen (@mum_themadhouse) who wins the Kodak frame
  • Suzanne Cuthbert wins the Mini
  • Samuel Toogood (@togster) wins the Ford Escort, and - you'll never guess -
  • Steve (@pocketropolis) wins (again) and this time gets a Ford Capri III in traditional blue, lucky man.

Right, all this random prize-drawing has made Charlie hungry. He's a Happy Meal fan, so the least I can do is treat him to one. I might have something myself while I'm there. And while we're away, I'm going to leave you with this - their new A-Z ad campaign. Because from the (A)pples in their fruit bags to the 100% British or Irish (B)eef in their burgers, the (C)ooking oil they recycle into bio-(D)eisel to power their trucks and the free-range (E)ggs they insist on, there's plenty for McDonald's to shout about.

From small beginnings in San Bernando McDonald's is now the world's largest owner of real estate and is a truly global phenomenon, rightly proud of things like their staff training programme. (McDonald's actually trains more people in the US than the American military!) And to think, it all started with a milk-shake. Well, a milk-shake mixer, to be precise. Basically, the milk-shake mixer salesman - a man called Ray Croc - noticed that a tiny hamburger joint on the edge of the Californian desert was buying more of his mixers than he thought was possible for a outfit like the one run by brothers Maurice and Richard McDonald. So he went to take a look. And the rest, as they say, is history. The McDonald brothers were doing perfectly well on their own - but with Croc on board the chain went into overdrive. By the time he bought the brothers out in 1961 there were already over 200 McDonald's restaurants, each - thanks to Croc's obsessive attention to detail - faithfully repeating the success of the original restaurant in San Bernando. Now, of course, they're ubiquitous.

Things have changed, of course, over the years. But some things - like that attention to detail - always stay the same...

This post is sponsored by McDonald's

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