Thursday, 30 June 2011

I am not on strike

Although I'm not at 'work'. Well, not the 'paid' external kind of work that seems to be the only thing that counts as 'work' when the subject is discussed on TV or the radio or in the newspapers. When I am, I'm a public sector worker so my pension is going to take a hit like everyone else's. (I exclude from this analysis all Chairmen  - and they are - of the banks my taxes have been diverted to assist and other financial fat cats, but nevertheless...)

Having already taken 'time out' from salaried employment and signed up for more I can't imagine what a pittance my pension will be worth, should I live long enough to draw it. I need to take a leaf out of John Mortimer's book and create my own pension. In his case, of course, it was the immortal Horace Rumpole. Here he is in the person of the excellent Leo McKern being ably - and comically - interrupted by His Honour, Judge Robin Bailey.

'Stuff your pension!' as the late, great Philip Larkin once said. I think I could live happily in penury for the chance to create a character like that.

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